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As you may have heard, Ford has redesigned the F-150 to an all-aluminum body starting in 2015. This is very big news for the Collision Center, as we get prepared to make the repairs to this High Strength Military Grade Aluminum Alloy that Ford is using. Over 90% of the new F-150 cab is aluminum and the bed is completely aluminum. Basically, the only steel parts are the door latches and hinges, rivets and bolts, side-impact beams and the truck's frame.

Ford's process of fitting the body panels involves a combination of gluing and riveting, as well as some welds. The aluminum body panels will reduce the truck's weight by 700 pounds from the 2014 model. This weight loss makes it possible to offer the truck with a new 2.7-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine as one option. This is designed to increase MPG and save money at the pump.

Working with Aluminum:
Aluminum has typically been more difficult to repair. Keeping that in mind, the engineers at Ford have been working on making the truck more repairable. For example, a two-piece reinforcement will allow for the B-pillar replacement without damaging the roof panel. The technician would then be able to either weld the upper joint or use rivet bonding. The new F-150 also features a modular design, which means that some of the body parts can be easily replaced in the event of an accident.

Repair Program:
Ford has unveiled a collision program for participating dealers and body shop owners when it comes to repairing the aluminum body panels on the F-150. This repair program involves many hours of training for our technicians as well as office staff. It also requires the dealership to invest $60,000 for specialty tools and equipment. This should reassure truck shoppers that there are qualified centers that can repair the new F-150 if needed. KAYSER FORD LINCOLN is one of them.
There are three training courses required for technicians to prepare for F-150 repairs:
  1. Collision Body Shop Essentials
  2. I-CAR Welding Training and Qualification
  3. I-CAR Structural Repair.

Tools and Equipment:

Ford is requiring shops to have specific tools and equipment in order to properly perform aluminum repairs. The requirements consist of:

  1. Dedicated aluminum MIG welding system
  2. Specialized aluminum self-piercing rivet gun (SPR)
  3. Dedicated aluminum hand and power tools
  4. Aluminum wet mix air filtration system

Kayser Ford Lincoln is proud to announce that our body technicians have completed the aluminum training and our Collision Center has all of these specialized tools and equipment required to properly repair the new F-150.


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